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5 funky underground stations

On December 30, 2011, in Travel & Trends, by Buddie

We all know how boring public transport can be. Though when tube stations become true art galleries, facing the heat, the crowds or grumpy morning commuters can just be a lot more pleasant. Discover our top 5 selection of the most amazing underground stations around the world: Moscow, Paris, Prague, Stockholm and Munich.  Do you know about any other original metro station?

Feel like in the Jules Vernes  Nautilus

Arts et Métiers Paris metro
Arts et Métiers station, Paris, France By Eric.Parker


Colour Power

Westfriedhof II Station, Munich, Germany
Westfriedhof II station, Munich, Germany By jmauerer


A time travel in the Soviet history

Kievskaya Station, Moscow, Russia
Kievskaya Station, Moscow, Russia By haikus


The longest art exhibition in the world

Tunnelbana Stockholm Station , Sweden
T-centralen station Stockholm, Sweden by rlstrickland


Futur is underground

Line-A, Prague, Czech-Republic
The Malostranská Station, Prague, Czech Republic By iambents


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